I did a podcast with extreme-sport mental training coach and all-around-exemplary human Matt Belair. Matt’s podcasts recently reached the “new and noteworthy” status on iTunes, as he’s been extracting the wisdom of some of todays top mental, spiritual, and business innovators. Mr. Belair’s gifts for both teach/exhibiting (action) and silencing/observing (receiving) are something I’ve been able to learn a lot from. If you haven’t heard of him before, I highly you check out his work at MattBelair.com.

You can watch the interview on Youtube here.

You can find it on itunes here (see episode #16: Cities of the Future)

A few things I’d love to talk about are below…

– Guiding groups to have collective awakenings (tipping points, doing/allowing, detacthment)
– the group field in a city organism
– How data can evolve group consciousness
– Transcending “other” via environment, authenticity, and imagination
– How dreams can be used to inspire action
– Unlocking the power of a focused community
– How the cities of 2020’s will operate
– Telepathy and the transcendence of the internet
– Archetypes in social dynamics
– Participatory tipping points
– The mind virus of “legacy”
– Achieving “Flow” for a long durations

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