I’ve learned that everything exists within an ecosystem… nature, business, education, religion. Interestingly, there are universal principles that can help all ecosystems thrive. When ecosystems are structured properly, they can grow into increasingly adaptive and sustainable states of dynamic equilibrium.

I believe that a thin living network of technology can help heal the cosmic growing pains of our times. This layer of connection can operate like an ecosystem that is community grown and governed.

I’ve worked on many “types” of projects over the years (as you can see on this website), but they are all around helping create a World of Plenty where everyone can thrive - both through resource distribution systems (the logical) as well as culture/art (the creative).

This site has information about my experimentation with the universal principles and attempts to hurl them into mainstream consciousness using a variety of community and marketing tools.

Recommended browsing:

FAQ -> Here are answers to frequently asked questions about me

Mass Mosaic -> This is an online ecosystem my mate (view) and I (view) co-founded

CivDe -> Short for “Civilization Design”, this is my journal on the Principles of Human Ecosystems

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