Hi, I’m Rob. The artsy name is “Complete”.  I use my faculties to lessen the suffering of my fellow travelers on Spaceship Earth. I hope to inspire you to identify the passions that exist within yourself, and take responsible action. Here’s what I look like, and where I’m from. I am CEO at AnyShare Society and manage Information Systems at Arcosanti.


I’ve co-founded 2 cooperatives, including the first “complete cooperative” in the United States. (ref 1) I focus my time thinking about information and it’s power to create change. I am motivated to mobilize a swift, peaceful evolution to understanding each other as part of one planetary society. We can choose Peace and live it at many scales!

All ideas are flawless if they are untested. Solutions require one to abandon what is expected, and embrace an iterative process of finding perfection in chaos. It’s a process of “What if…?” What if we had world-peace, guaranteed, as an obvious objective for all of humanity? I hope my work here will inspire you to ask this more often. You can build on all experiments I do. Evolution happens through sharing. Let’s begin now….